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Cecil And Jordan In New York (2009)

by Gabrielle Bell(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 5
1897299575 (ISBN13: 9781897299579)
Drawn and Quarterly
review 1: A collection of Gabrielle Bell's previously published comics (for the most part), several from Mome and Drawn & Quarterly. These stories are less directly autobiographic than those in Lucky, although a couple of Lucky stories find their way in this collection. This represents some of the best of Bell's work, brief narratives that are in no rush to be contained or wrapped up neatly. The focus is more on mood and character than on plot.
review 2: I liked these later, more developed short stories than the shorter stuff in Lucky, though I did like that work, too... Looks like Bell alternates between memoir and fiction, which is cool...I liked the story about Anna working with a famous artist's son a lot. Again, nothing much happens, as with her memoir work, but tha
... moret's the point, and the attraction, really. The artwork here is far more elaborate than in Lucky. I like both kinds, again, but I liked the art better here. Fun stuff, likable flat persona for all the mina characters and narrators, as with Lucky! less
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I little too clever. Sad at moments and honest. Cool, though, if you like "cool" stuff.
Best collection yet, from probably my favorite cartoonist working today.
Lovely artwork, and I particularly enjoyed the story about a giant man.
Random, simple, and weird, but strangely entertaining..
gabrielle understand me
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