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ADD MORE Ing TO YOUR LIFE: A Hip Guide To Happiness (2010)

by Gabrielle Bernstein(Favorite Author)
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084371655X (ISBN13: 9780843716559)
review 1: DNF about 50% of the way through. This book was just too frothy to be helpful. Bouncing on a trampoline to release negativity? No, not for me. It was also very repetitive (every chapter a variation on the same formula), and worst of all, kept mentioning one of self-help's silliest notions, the so-called "Law of Attraction." Sure, our thoughts influence our reality (our perception and behavior), but that's about as far as I can go with it.
review 2: This is a really good refresher for anyone who has read a lot of self-help books, or a wonderful introduction to techniques like meditation, yoga, etc. She also explains concepts like mirroring, forgiveness and the ego in very easy-to-understand terms. I really enjoyed the guided meditations found on iTunes. Helped m
... moree get back into meditating with visualization. This book can help you cultivate a "daily practice" which may include prayer, meditation, gratitude lists, etc. A good way to start shifting your consciousness if you feel stuck. Gets the energy flowing. less
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somewhere between 3-4 stars. Def a 'right book at the right time' situation.
I would suggest reading Spirit Junkie before this book.
Love! Love! Love! On my third time re-reading!
Life changing
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