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May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook Of Subtle Shifts For Radical Change And Unlimited Happiness (2013)

by Gabrielle Bernstein(Favorite Author)
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0307986934 (ISBN13: 9780307986931)
review 1: This book, I'm feeling mixed emotions about. I liked the idea behind it which is to help reader become more in tune with the present moment by recognizing the owner that surrounds us. I thin that for the average person this practice which takes 42 days and nights is almost out of reach. The commitment is very ambitious. I did have some breakthroughs in weeks one and two for which I am grateful. For this reason I think the book is a worthwhile read.
review 2: I wish I could give this no stars...but maybe it's my fault. Maybe I was not their target market. My problems with the book are:- The writing style - calling everything 'awesome' and 'groovy' seemed annoying and disingenuous. Made me really dislike the author.- The tone - I thought it was going to be mor
... moree of a more tongue in cheek, but effective guide. It was super new agey quasi-religious 12 step program. No undertones of humor or even enjoyment could be found. - The plugs - CONSTANT plugs for her other book or her meditation guides were useless and bothersome .Basically, I hated it and stopped reading it after a few days. It was neither interesting to read nor helpful in any way. I read this because I saw it on tv, maybe if I knew more of what to expect and was more 'new agey' I would have appreciate it, but frankly I hated it. less
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LOVED this book and the 40 day plan. I absolutely had shift in my life for the positive.
Love her!! I read this book like a daily homework assignment and plan to do it again!
This book changed my life! :)! Highly recommended!
Meh. Elementary. Been there, done that.
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