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Orange County Noir (2010)

by Gary Phillips(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 4
1936070030 (ISBN13: 9781936070039)
Akashic Books
review 1: These stories were entertaining and imaginative. Some of the writing was pretty bad and read like map quest directions on how to get around the neighborhood in question. My favorite was the story about Disneyland. The juxtaposition of the Happiest place on earth and the security detail after the age of terror was really fun. The ending wasn't good, though. The collection didn't include the Asian communities and hooked a little too much into the LA show business themes (although I liked most of those stories).
review 2: I read this book as research for a short story I was asked to write for a similar anthology. I was hoping to come away with some different ideas of what Noir fiction is, what it can do, and what the genre encompasses; however, I was sorely dissa
... morepointed.Every story in Orange County Noir deals with murder in one form or another. The motivations for murder vary story to story, of course, but generally stick close to age-old stereotypes and plot devices. For the most part, I'd say the stories in this anthology are contrived and predictable. I wasn't suprised, or particularly impressed, by any one of them, and I didn't come away with any fresh perspectives on Noir Fiction as a genre. In fact, I would say that reading this book was detrimental to my research. If this is the extent of what Noir Fiction can do and be, then I have no desire to have my writing be a part of that genre. less
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I love reading these short stories and recognizing the towns from OC where I live.
Except for the typical shortcomings of short stories, this was a good collection
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