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Malekith (2008)

by Gav Thorpe(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 5
1844166104 (ISBN13: 9781844166107)
Games Workshop
Time of Legends: The Sundering
review 1: Ugh! This is the first Warhammer title I've picked up and was sorely dissappointed. The prose got tired fast; every description was "like" another thing. Editors should have picked up on this overuse of simile. The character development was incredibly shallow, especially given the potential (disgruntled Prince, crazy mother, loyal captains) and plot holes were many. Thorpe did, however stick to the storyline and included the characters from the gaming universe and their reasons for being there, thus two stars, but you would have to be a die hard Warhammer fan to make it through this book.
review 2: For those of you not familiar with the Warhammer universe, Malekith is the king of the Dark Elves, a cruel and heartless leader who will gleefully expend the lives o
... moref anyone he pleases to achieve his own ends. This book, however, is dedicated mostly to the time when he was a noble and upright prince of the Elven kingdom of Ulthuan with the last quarter (roughly) of the book telling the story of how his ambition caused him to turn to dark powers. So it's the classic 'hero falls into darkness' plot, but then who said the Warhammer universe was teeming with originality? Nevertheless the story is enjoyable, the action sequences lack the usual gore factor of other Warhammer novels but then this is the Age of Heroes in the Warhammer world so perhaps the dark gothic factor has yet to kick in, and they were still exciting in the traditional sense. The description of some of the famous landmarks of the Warhammer world was particularly good, I felt, in that they offered enough for a newcomer to get a good idea of what the things looked like, while not belabouring the point so much that people already in the know would get bored. All in all this was an enjoyable read, and has something to offer to anyone, familiar with the Warhammer world or not. There is no doubt however that pre-existing knowledge of the Warhammer world will allow you to get more out of it, even if it does mean that you already know how the story ends. less
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Some of these Elf names? Whew! Tolkien eat your heart out! But story and characters? Great stuff!
Rivals Tolkien & Moorcock. One of the best fantasy novels of the past 3 decades.
I love the Druchii but this was a let down i quit the series as of this book
Why Malekith? You could've been so great...
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