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Deliverance Lost (2011)

by Gav Thorpe(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 4
1849700613 (ISBN13: 9781849700610)
The Black Library
The Horus Heresy
review 1: One of the worthless addition to Horus Heresy chronicles. The story looks infantile compare to art pieces written by Abnett or McNeill which have lifted Warhammer books to a level of great modern literature underlying problems of religion, brotherhood and destiny. Nykona Sharrowkyn from Angel Exterminatus have incorporated most indigenous characteristics of Raven Guard such as secrecy,distrust, cunning fight style. If World Bearers are butchers , Raven guard are stealth warriors of shadows. On the other hand, Raven Astartes from Deliverance Lost are merely a bunch of incompetent, interchangeable characters which demonstrate that Istvaan tragedy have eliminated the greatest heroes of mankind and kept alife the most unworthy. The next problem is Korax. He is pathetic. Inst... moreead of a demigod who spend a childhood among dirt and scum nevertheless becoming the leader of humiliated but pride slaves, the story portrays hysterical overgrow whose mind stuck in own pensive fantasies. How is possible that the Emperor of Mankind, The genius scientist and general , could actually open the secret of Primarchs and Astartes gene matrix to his morally devastated sun. In general, the idea of introducing a spy from Alpha is superb. The storyline with emperor and Korax is week, the main characters are incomplete. The only reason to buy this book is too support Warhammer Universe. Buy it, Don,t read it.
review 2: "Deliverance Lost is mainly concerned with the actions of Primarch Corvus Corax and his Space Marine Command, the 19th Legion (also known as the Raven Guard), during the year following the Dropsite Massacre (Book 5). However, operatives and the Primarch of the Alpha Legion play a prominent role. The story starts about 3 months after the Dropsite Massacre, with the unexpected rescue of Corax and the remnants of his Legion (at less than 5% strength, due to casualties in that battle). Arriving at Terra a few months after the events described in The Outcast Dead have taken place, Corax convinces the Emperor to impart to him the knowledge and material that may accelerate the rebuilding of his Legion. The second part of the novel describes the effort to reconstitute the Raven Guard, undertaken on Deliverance, its home world, and the pursuit of opposite objectives by the Alpha Legion. The novel features the reappearance of the Cabal (Book 7), and of other well-known characters; it also adds information about the developing strategies and subterfuge applied by the opposing sides, including reasons for Horus' timetable and for the Emperor's actions during the initial stages of the Heresy." less
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Great twisting plot of one of the greatest science fiction tales of all time.
Complex but an easy read that stands up to subsequent re-reads.
me encantan los primarcas XD
Not bad
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