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Examenul Final (2013)

by Gitty Daneshvari(Favorite Author)
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School of Fear
review 1: It was hard for me to get into this book, because the writing style reminds me of A Series of Unfortunate Events. It tends toward the silly; fortunately, events are nowhere near as dire as the ones in Daniel Handler's books. The protagonists are children who attend a special school which is supposed to help them overcome phobias. Their nemesis is a newspaper reporter, who is apparently a talking pig, and who is preparing an expose of the school and of the students' innermost secrets. Despite the general inanity, by the middle of the book I got kind of attached to one of the characters--at least enough to finish reading it. There are a few mildly off-color remarks for those worldly enough to catch them.
review 2: I loved this book but it was a bit slow.But
... morestill a good book. I love this book and really Learned a lot about them. I Think the reporter was just to willing. She wanted the prize so bad. and it led her in to trouble. That isn't who this story is about. Its about Madeleine,Theo, Lulu, Garrison and Hyacinth. The are all afraid of something. In this story they have to face there fears and save the school, There beloved crazy teacher Mrs. Wellington, her stepson Abernathy they hate each other and Schmidty the house keeper. From the evil reporter Sylvie who wants to let the secret school out to the public. Will they save the school or will the school go down the drain.This book is good but you have to read the 2nd one before you read this one.This is the list of characters and fears.Theo- deathHyacinth- being aloneLulu- Being in small placesMadeleine- bugsGarrison- waterHope you like this book. less
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This was a good book. My favorite person was the creepy guy. This was a great book.
Another amazing School of Fear book.
Great series about four kids. E.
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