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Where Darkness Dwells (2000)

by Glen R. Krisch(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: After reading the synopsis I was ready to read Where Darkness Dwells. However, when I started reading it, my thought on it changed. I thought I will not be able to get into it. So, I was prepared to suck it up and get through it. I should've just kept more of an open mind and focused on what I read in the synopsis! I was blown away and VERY impressed with this read! It' a story based on the 1930s dealing with good and evil. No character is safe and there are surprises around every corner. Krisch's narrative is dark and intense. Just plain scary. He doesn't offer explanation or answers. Evil just exists and always will. Some reviewers complained that it was too brutal and graphic, but I thought it was more real, nothing was sugar coated. The 30s were cruel and desperate ti... moremes. Others talked about zombies. Zombies? Really? Those were not zombies they were ghouls. Big difference. But hey, to each there own. The characters are unique and each of their stories captivating on their own. The plot unfolds with an intensity while the back story is filled in, we find out how the characters are connected, as the book moves along. If you are not into historical stories then this book is not for you. BUT, if you love a good horror story you will want to read this regardless of the history. I look forward to seeing more of Krisch's work!
review 2: Maybe someday I'll come back to it and try again. I only made it about half way through. It was interesting, at first, but the pace became very slow - so much so that I stopped paying attention, lost track of characters, and eventually got lost in the story. When I find myself spending more time trying to flip back and remember who a character is, I know things are going downhill for me personally and that I'm not going to find a rewarding reading experience in the end. less
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A very disturbing novel yet a very entertaining read. Krisch writes a solid horror-thriller novel.
Really creepy and dark.
Gruesome but gripping
Slow read.
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