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El Libro De Las Almas (2010)

by Glenn Cooper(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 2
0307882969 (ISBN13: 9780307882967)
Will Piper
review 1: I did enjoy this book, but not half as much as I did Library of the Dead. Where were the murders and crime mysteries like in the first? This was the main reason I was so compelled to read the second book. I also felt like a number of stones were left unturned and questions unanswered. Very interesting though and some loveable characters. Personally wouldn't read if I hadn't read the first book to set the story.
review 2: I enjoyed the first book and this will only make sense if you have too, its a short review / really just me expressing my quick basic opinion. When I was close to the end I was already planning to say how much I love this book.....but then I got to the end and was disappointed. I loved all the new elements to the library's story - Nostradamus!!
... more Yay! I didn't know anything about calvin but I found everything like that so interesting. I didn't like the way SPOILERwill gave in so easily to the English granddaughter!! (Isabelle? Forgotten her name already :s ) I think it would have been fairer to them both ( will and nancy) and been more emotional if he had resisted her advances and then felt bad after she died that he hadn't given her one last fling before her death, but as it is Will is hard to like as a character, too cliche and that would have somehow given him more humanity? and ugh the way they keep calling the kid Philly?! How irritating! As I say I liked the book overall but then the end was just too easy and not realistic to my mind. I don't think as nancy said that the world will unite under threat of the end of days and it'll be the best years of earth ever, rather I think if people knew their death date they'd take more risks and stop caring, there'd be more violence and crime and wars because there'd be no death threat. It was just too peaceful and unresolved an ending for me. I have the third book and will start it shortly, I'm looking forward to this one but I hope it gives me what I wanted with this one and brings something new to the story. less
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Una muy buena secuela de la biblioteca de los muertos. Mantiene muy bien el nivel. Muy recomendable
If you like Dan Brown, you should read one of his books. Really good!!!!
Decent story line: Dan Brown meets Lee Child; junk food for your brain
not one I normally read but okay
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