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Think And Grow Rich "Stickability": The Power Of Perseverance (2013)

by Greg S. Reid(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 4
0399165827 (ISBN13: 9780399165825)
review 1: In all honesty, I didn't finish it because it was a library book and needed returned before I could finish. However, the first 3 chapters were enough for me to give this book a solid 4. I liked the tone and manner of writing as well as the ideas. Those who persevere through adversity will succeed. Just keep on keeping on, but also with insights on how best to do that and knowing when to do it. I have a feeling this is a reference book for me in the future!
review 2: If you loved Think and Grow Rich, as I did, then you will love Stickability! This is a really awesome book, that is going to be reread over and over again! It really makes me think and motivates me :) It helps to make all the knowledge I read in Think and Grow Rich, stick a little more.I am so
... morehappy to have won this on Goodreads! This will be a book that I will hang on to for a long time, right next to Think and Grow Rich. less
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A great motivational book for anyone with dreams and goals they're striving to achieve.
3.5 exactly as it says. . . good, but nothing but common sense.
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