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The 39 Deaths Of Adam Strand (2013)

by Gregory Galloway(Favorite Author)
3.13 of 5 Votes: 4
0525425659 (ISBN13: 9780525425656)
Dutton Juvenile
review 1: Being the adventurous person I am when it comes to reading (I'm not, but let's pretend I am), I rarely dislike books. This was the rare book I didn't enjoy that much. I'm really picky when it comes to interesting characters, characters I feel like I can bond with; I like characters who feel like they are more than just fictional characters in a fictional book. That being said, Adam was boring. The only trait I can think of for him is bored. This made the entire novel boring. I found myself skimming through parts because it was so repetitive. I have to give Galloway credit for the skipping around of suicide attempts though, as it made the book just a bit more interesting. But other than that, it was just kind of...eh.
review 2: The first time Adam Strand tried t
... moreo kill himself, it was a miracle he survived--because even though the suicide was technically successful, he came back. I have to admit--I slogged through the first half of this book because it's told from his disaffected, depressed view of his boring life. However, the point it got interesting is when he finally started to care about some other people, and those people become more important in the story--so I finally started to care about him. less
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Interesting things to think about regarding life and how you want to live it for yourself.
A bit aimless. Hard not to hold it up against As Simple as Snow, which is amzing.
For my 50 States Challenge, this is my Iowa book.
This might be the worst book I've ever read.
A little bit morbid but was surprising good
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