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Almost Eighteen (2000)

by Gretchen de la O(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 2
Wilson Mooney
review 1: 4 StarsThis is the start of a series with great potential. Wilson Mooney is a seventeen year old girl who has had a rough life. She is the child of two young parents, a father who didn't want her and a mother who was too young to care. In turn she was raised by her grandparents. Wislon's grandparents thought it would be best for her to attend boarding school. At the tender age a 8 she was sent on her school journey. Currently she attends Wesley Academy school for girls. She is surrounded by rich, privileged, bratty kids while she is working her way to maintain her education. Six months ago she lost her grandmother, two weeks ago she lost her grandfather, now she is all alone.Wilson has a huge crush on a teacher, Max Goldstein. A 22 year old high school girl's dream with je... moret black, floppy hair and a body to die for. She has a plan that if she can just get him to see her as a woman and not a student, he will be hers.A weekend in Aspen with her roommate Cindy leads to a relationship that shouldn't be, and could be life altering and destroying. This could be everything she has ever wanted or a nightmare she can't handle. I can not wait to see if Max and Wilson will prevail or if there secret will destroy them both.
review 2: This was a 3,5 read for me. I like it. I enjoyed the relationship between Max and Wilson, it felt real. However If we had gotten a little bit more background to them it would have been even better. Now it all progressed rather fast and it felt like insta-love even though I kind of got that there had been emotion build-up before the events of this book took place. SO I will definately read the rest of the series. less
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I enjoyed this series so much. I need more Max! Looking forward to book 3:)
3.5/5 Stars
3.5 stars*
loved it!
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