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Through The Language Glass: Why The World Looks Different In Other Languages (2010)

by Guy Deutscher(Favorite Author)
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080508195X (ISBN13: 9780805081954)
Metropolitan Books
review 1: I loved Guy Deutscher's previous book, "The Unfolding of Language" and this one is equally interesting and easy to read. Having come across the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis in IB Theory of Knowledge it was illuminating to find out more about it, and the quirks of different languages (such as the directional system of Guugu Yimithirr) are fascinating. "Though the Language Glass" does seem rather limited in scope however, discussing just a few examples, principally colour. It left me wanting more.
review 2: Wow wow wow...this book completely blew my mind! I'd never read anything in-depth about linguistics before, so perhaps I was a little skeptical, or maybe my expectations were just really low, but in any case this book was excellent. I was hooked from the first few
... more pages of the introduction and couldn't put it down. It opened some new perspectives to me that I hadn't even considered. It's highly readable for an academic book, and while there are some obvious oversights that I assume evolutionary biologists would take issue with, it doesn't take away from it's overall impact. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the connection between language, culture, and behavior. I only gave it 5 stars because I couldn't give it more! less
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Would only recommend if strong interest in linguistics but very interesting theories put forward.
A fascinating discussion of how language affects our perceptions of the world around us.
Alright ah. Banyak gila cakap pasal warna, oi... -__-"
Fascinating and entertaining.
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