In an era of celebrity makeup lines (check Kylie Cosmetics and Fenty Beauty) and hundreds of makeup lines releasing new things every week, there is an enormous range of products to try. However, some brands continue to shine through over others. In this case, Morphe (aka Morphe Brushes). Known for their amazing brushes and bold eyeshadow palettes, this Californian brand is pretty much perfection. Compared to other highly successful cosmetics brands, they have been persistent in their affordable products of high quality using great ingredients.

In light of this, I decided to review two of their 35-piece eyeshadow palettes:



Firstly, I’m still SHOOK at the price. £22.50 for each! Compared to the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette (£39.50) which only has 12 shades, and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (£41) which only has 14 shades, both Morphe palettes are two of the cheapest ones in the industry. It is still very important to have affordable products in today’s world because although there has been a shift towards more premium brands, most regular people can’t afford those brands. So, for £22.50, I think you get even more than what you pay for.

Secondly, the pigment I can’t fault. The fallout was very light which I would expect from a palette (I baked with translucent powder whilst using the palette and I saw very little fallout). The metallic shades in the Nature Glow Palette (try the very bottom right) are so pigmented! I used some E.L.F. setting spray to wet my brush and increase the pigment even more for some drama, which I would do for pretty much any palette, and it looked incredible. The shine stayed on for ages, did not fade or smudge, and really added to my brown and orange smokey eye look. The matte colours blend out really easily and only require a few taps into the pan to get lots of pigment. The lightest colour in both palettes have a shimmer so I tried different ways of using them: I used a Morphe E36 brush to add it into the inner corner of my eyes for a highlight, and I then used a Morphe M510 brush as a highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones. In the inner corner, it gave my eyes a great pop and reflected really beautifully in the light, and on the cheeks, it was GORGEOUS! It was really bright (so if you like a subtle highlight, this one isn’t for you) and didn’t cast that weird grey shadow when it wasn’t in light. I felt that I could easily use these colours in other areas of my face other than just my eyes.

If I had one criticism of the palettes, I would say that the colours in the Koffee Palette were not as impressive. Personally, I found that they were a bit more muddy than the Natural Glow Palette and once blended out did not have the same amount of pigmentation. The black in the bottom right corner blended out to a strange grey which didn’t suit my eyes at all. Also, some of the pans came loose pretty quickly in that palette and were just sliding around when the lid was closed.

However, overall I love them! The pigmentation is generally great and the price is just incredible. The metallic/shimmer colours are gorgeous and the browns and oranges are go-toos for any smokey eye lover.



Have a great day


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