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The Other Boy (2008)

by Hailey Abbott(Favorite Author)
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0061253839 (ISBN13: 9780061253836)
review 1: I have to admit, I got a little annoyed with Maddy at times. She just couldn't appreciate...at least at first. But then again, it would suck to have planned out you're summer and then have it ruined in just seconds, having to leave you're "so called boyfriend" and friends behind. Her friends turned out to be very supportive of her. By that I mean, they weren't only friends with her because of who she was dating and the house she lived in. They liked her for her, even when her relationship ended, they stayed by her side.I hate Brian. l hate him, I hate him, I hate him. I mean, at first I was thinking "Aweh, he's so sweet!" but no. He's such a douche. David's so much better, but so much more..chill. Not hippie or anything, just I don't know, more relaxed and stuff.The back o... moref the book doesn't give David much justice. I thought we was going to be this new guy she meets, who thinks he's better then everyone. He hated her friends and thought she was a spoiled princess. Yeah, he was annoyingly irresistible and his eyes were probably awesome, but no! David was simply a nice boy that she met, and he just so happened to be hot. And even if he called her a spoiled princess...you couldn't blame him. She was always such a negative and unappreciative brat who refused to enjoy herself. Yeah, I guess it was rude. It's never exactly fun to be talked about behind your back by someone who just met you. The wrong side of you too. But he felt bad and made her cookies which proved the point that he made a mistake and he acknowledged it. I mean, no ones ever made me cookies. He helped her with everything and tried to make her feel more at home. He did not hate her friends. He never even met them! He hated Brian because it was her boyfriend! He liked her, so he was probably just threatened or jealous. And plus, Brian's an asshole.Anyway, after the whole cookie situation, they spent the whole day together, riding bikes to town, talking, shopping for the tasting room furniture. After that day, she was different. No, she was the same, but she wasn't bitching at everything. She was herself, the girl she was at home, in the city! I loved that. I loved her relationship with David, and I totally knew he liked her...just saying. I had that stomach feeling through out the whole book. It's the perfect girl book, and definitely a must read!(: It's hilarious(Omg, I laughed so hard at her cooking attempt. Eggplant surprise, with juice that looked like Kool Aid? Brilliant(:) It's a book you can connect with. You can picture the winery, tasting room, and the house party she threw at the beginning so well, it's honestly like you're there! The full affect(:
review 2: The Other Boy is such a great book. I love how Hailey Abbott knows how to get teenage girls attention with this book because I could not put it down. The book is about this girl named Maddy who through a party while her parents were away and was having fun hanging out with her boyfriend and friends. Her parents decided to come home early and came home to a party. Maddy's parents decided to punish her by going to Napa Vally where her parents just bought a vineyard and work their and fix it up over the summer. Maddy is not happy because she has to leave her friends and boyfriend behind and work. While there she meets a boy name David who works there and her parents tell her she will spend everyday with him and fix up the barn. Maddy is miserable because she is away from everybody she loves and David thinks she's a princess that gets whatever she wants. As she continues to work and be with David she starts to see that he has a sweet side to him and starts to fall in love with him. Maddy just has one problem she still as a boyfriend that she does't want break up with him. Maddy has found herself distancing herself away from her boyfriend and friends and getting closer to David. The summer is almost over and she doesn't want to leave, she is enjoying every day with David. Maddy finally breaks up with her boyfriend and before she leaves to go back home she gets together with David. This book was so amazing and I would recommend it to any teenage girl that loves summer romances. less
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Light reading. Good for teens. Reminded me of the Sweet Dreams series I read when I was in my teens.
I enjoy all of her books because they are easy reads and they are pretty creative with the plots.
Maybe summer contemporaries just aren't my thing...
Wut. Dafuq did I just read?
I loveeeee it!
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