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Live Wire (2011)

by Harlan Coben(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 3
0525952063 (ISBN13: 9780525952060)
Dutton Adult
Myron Bolitar
review 1: I think that this book starts off very slow, but that last third of the book was entertaining. The characters really evolve over the novel which makes it less boring than it would have been. The big reason I liked this book is that it's a real scenario that is very possible and, although far-fetched, is pretty easy to imagine. It's one of those books that keeps the reader wondering what will happen next, or if anything will happen at all. The slow tempo in the beginning actually complements the ending to the book, and shows that things can be slow and normal and then (quite literally) blow up in your face. The unpredictability was the key factor in why I liked this book.
review 2: My least favorite of the series. I am not fond of drug addiction storylines
... more and didn't realize that this was a central theme because Myron's SIL is an addict and that addiction affects the life and safety of her son, Myron's nephew and ultimately the delay of Myron's parents to grieve their losses. It's well written and full of mystery, but the end was a let down and just goes to show addition is evil in so many ways. less
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Loved this book. Love the characters. Hoping Harlan Coben continues this fantastic series.
I've read this before but didn't remember it all. definitely great even the second time.
Love the Myron/Win connection and the humor.
guy book
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