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Mighty Max (2008)

by Harriet Ziefert(Favorite Author)
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1934706361 (ISBN13: 9781934706367)
Blue Apple Books
review 1: In his flowing red cape, Max is eager to be a super hero who saves the day. Max's father wants him to sit down and just be calm for a bit. Max tries, he sits for awhile, but is always up and moving again with a new imaginary game to play. When he and his father head to the beach, Max finds plenty of ways to be Mighty Max and help out at the same time. But, he is still moving fast and imagining big.The fast pace of this book perfectly captures the race and movement of a small boy with a big imagination. His inability to sit still is seen as something wonderful though sometimes exasperating. I love the pairing of a fast-paced child and imagination, because I think that is something that is often overlooked. I have a child who moves when speaking, runs when thinking, a... morend races when pretending. I see him in Max and Max in him so clearly. Kreloff's illustrations further the connection between the book and children with their child-like think crayon lines. They are also stylish at the same time, creating a book that is accessible for children but doesn't lose itself to childishness.Highly recommended as a readaloud for preschool groups, this is also a great book to read with your own fast-paced child. Humorous, fun and buoyant, this book will fly off the shelf even without its red cape. Appropriate for ages 3-6.
review 2: This is definitely one of my new favorite superhero picture books! And I must say that I am highly qualified to review superhero picture books because I am actually a superhero. At my house, I am Slime Girl (Note: I originally tried to be Love Lady who has the super power of love and defeats the villians with hugs and generosity, but my son finds this totally and completely unacceptable). Anyway, this is one fun book! less
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I liked the draw-rings they are fun and happy. but that was about as far as it took me.
Cute story about a little boy who can't sit still.
mediocre at best. not a great response
Art, great.Story, meh.
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