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Rise Of Heroes (2013)

by Hayden Thorne(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 3
Queerteen Press
review 1: This is so sweet!!!!This story really made me go back in time: to my teen years and to my teen reads. Eric is a wonderful guy, so cute and so normal, and I mean that in the best way. His problems and his reactions were those of young people with their everyday life: school, friends, little money, passions which seem to absorb everything, and then they're put aside when love knocks on the door.Eric's life is complicated by the strange events happening in his hometown - Vintage City - where good and evil seem to want to settle their score. Good is represented by Magnifiman and his elusive colleague; evil is represented by the Devil's Trill. Eric crushes on the perfect Magnifiman, before realizing that the other superhero is his best friend and now boyfriend Peter.I really fe... morelt for Eric's feeling of inadequacy when he compared himself to the richer, smarter Peter, but I really liked the fact that he always tried to make it on his own, assessing his current strength and working on it. He knows where he stands, sometimes he has his crises, but he is always lucid.The story is very funny. I liked Eric's interaction with his family and I liked the world building, from the press lady stalking the superhero to the RPG on-line communities. It's a very entertaining book and I'd recommend it for a few hours of relaxed, sweet reading.
review 2: I'm definitely looking forward to finishing this series! The MC, Eric, is so funny in that sarcastic, teenage way and his obsession with blue dye was hilarious. I absolutely loved it. It was awesome learning about how these kids now have super powers and everything from Peter to The Devil's Trill had me captivated by it and how Eric was like a magnet to trouble kept me engrossed in the story. I can't wait to see what Eric gets himself into in the next book and how Peter and his relationship will grow. Definitely recommended ;-) less
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Fabulous! Superheroes aren't generally my cup of tea, but this was a wonderfully written story.
3.5 stars. Not too bad, but could have been better. I will continue into the series.
Very fun and cute world. Review this weekend. :)
I was pleasantly surprised with this book :-)
I cannot wait to start book two.
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