How I Save Money Part II: Investing

The word investing is scary on its own. There are so many complications on what to do and where to begin and overall what is it going to cost in the long run. I know people who invest through a brokerage where they give their money and some guy in suit chooses the best stocks based on what he thinks will make the most money. This is great for people who have a lot of money to invest but if you don’t have a lot of money or are just starting out like myself, you don’t have a ton of money to tie up into investments.

I still wanted the chance to start investing in the stock market without the obligation of tying up my money and paying ALL the associated fees of a broker but I wasn’t really sure how. I thought about self-investing and managing my own portfolio on websites I’ve never heard of but it still seemed too risky.

Then one day, either through an ad or YouTube video, I found an app called Acorns. I looked into it for a long time and read all of the reviews on the app store (it has almost 5/5 stars)!

I downloaded it and then got really disappointed when I found out I had to link my bank account to the app. I NEVER give out my banking information EVER. I was questioning whether it was a scam but read more reviews and watched more videos and I decided to jump out on a limb.

College Investing (or lack of)

I invested $20 at first and $5 here and there for the first year (I was in college at the time). The app lets you choose a plan of how risky of stocks you would like to invest in and I started out at more of a conservative plan. I made around $10 to $20 overall in profit.

I went through a period of time where I didn’t use the app and just let the money sit there and got to the point where I desperately needed money so I cashed out my account and it ended up being over $400 which wasn’t bad! It came in handy as an emergency fund.

I Graduated College!

I graduated college last month but have been working full time for about 5 months now so I have been putting decent amounts of money into the app (compared to what I was investing in college). I also changed my investing plan to aggressive which is riskier but has the possibility of a greater return.

I am ELATED whenever I check the app because I keep earning more and more money. I don’t typically share financial information but I have about $1000 invested and made over $30 in just one month!

I plan on continuing to use the app and invest money every month. They have an option to auto-invest and have them take the money directly out of my account but I don’t really like that idea.  I really only invest when I have an extra amount of money in my account that would either just sit there or I would use for something I don’t really need.

How to use Acorns

*DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with the company nor do I get paid for endorsements of any kind (unless you use my referral code (Z7FA55)- which I would greatly appreciate and you get cash too!)*

This is just a quick and basic outline of Acorns, there is a lot more to it that you should look into if you are interested.



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