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Barbarian Nurseries (2011)

by Héctor Tobar(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 4
1444726765 (ISBN13: 9781444726763)
Hodder & Stoughton
review 1: I enjoyed the writing in this story. The parents in this book come off as self absorbed and not very likable. But I believe the precipitating incident saves this family And causes the parents to take stock and make necessary changes in their lives. Araceli their maid is given the raw end of the deal when this incident takes place and racial and social tension ensue and led Araceli in a direction she would have never dreamed of.
review 2: I enjoyed this book a lot. It showed how people can live together and not communicate or understand each other to the point of causing unexpected results. When people are only concerned about themselves and don't have empathy or respect for the other people in their lives, bad situations and misunderstandings develop and t
... morehe participants all blame each other. When people are finally honest with themselves; look at the situation from the other's perspective; and have courage to do the right thing, the outcome can be beneficial for all. less
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Recommended by Anne R.
loved it.
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