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Losing Charlotte (2010)

by Heather Clay(Favorite Author)
2.61 of 5 Votes: 3
0091797241 (ISBN13: 9780091797249)
review 1: Mixed reviews, and I think I have mixed feelings too. The concept and the setting were intriguing, but Knox was a little too indecisive, a little too conscientious for me to really root for her--did she ever make a move without thinking that she shouldn't, or want ing to do something else instead? made me a little crazy. And I'm not sure why, but I didn't get Charlotte and the golden girl/idol worship. She seemed kind of...lame. But I liked Bruce, and I think he's the one that kept me reading. The writing was good, a little wandering, but the imagery was beautiful and the settings very vivid.
review 2: The whole first half of the book, I was afraid to read, afraid to turn the page, because of the title. Knox Bolling worries about her relationship with her stra
... morenge sister, Charlotte, who is pregnant with twins. Charlotte wants her to be there for the birth, so Knox and her parents go. What happens is not what they expect, and everyone's life changes permanently. I felt as if there were people I knew and I needed to give them a call and see how things were going. It was not a happy book, but an excellent one, contemplative, melancholy, realistic, sweet, sad, thoughtful. less
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A very touching story about love, family, marriage, death and hope.
50 pages in to this book and my only thought was 'absolutely not'
I almost finished this. Not good. Boring. Unlikeable characters.
way too boring, not my kind of book. disappointing for sure!
Sad story - a tale of sisters and family bonds.
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