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The Marquess Of Cake (2013)

by Heather Hiestand(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 4
1601831110 (ISBN13: 9781601831118)
The Redcakes
review 1: I enjoyed this one - loved the astute heroine and her ability to love her siblings even though I don't think I could have. Reading this book made me realize, again, how lucky I am to be born now - and not when the father had such control over the lives of his daughters!! It was nice to watch these families deal with their issues and dilemmas. It didn't hurt to have the romance grow slowly, and (forgive me!) sweetly! ;)
review 2: This is a cute little book. The Man is a Marquess. The woman makes cakes. Her hair is red. It goes from there. Not really my genre, but a solid comfortable read with very little conflict to stress over. The plot starts to pack up and wander around the pages as though it had nothing to do for quite a long time, but eventually hit upo
... moren a story with a character conflict that needed resolution toward the end. I enjoyed it. Not necessarily worth a series, as the characters as introduced were lukewarm. less
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*******D.N.F.*******I tried. I really did. I just couldnt get into.
3.5 stars
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