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How To Stuff A Wild Zucchini (2009)

by Heather Horrocks(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 2
1606410946 (ISBN13: 9781606410943)
Deseret Book
review 1: Um, I liked the story line and the characters a lot but I found aspects of the romance pretty obnoxious at times. Here's how it went: "He likes me, I like him, I love him, he told he he loves me but what if he doesn't really love me, he can't possibly love me, he really does love me, I love him so much I have to dump him, I can't live without him but I really have to leave, yadda, yadda, yadda.I did like that the main character had realistic issues she had to work through. Her parents relationship and her failure to forgive reeked havoc on her life and it was good to see her resolve her issues and find peace.
review 2: This book is quirky and enjoyable. I found myself crying(and trust me, I am not a crier). Heather Horrocks taps into emotion like it's oil. I re
... morelated to the characters in this book and fell in love with the ones that were alien. I have to comment on Ms. Horrocks lack of eloquence. I felt this book was less than well written. But it is still a good read. Trust me, if you read this, you'll read it again! less
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only one recipe using zucchini ... I expected more.
I liked it- funny and romantic!
favorite mormon romance ever.
Cute fun easy read...
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