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A Geek In Japan: Discovering The Land Of Manga, Anime, Zen, And The Tea Ceremony (2011)

by Hector Garcia(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 5
4805311290 (ISBN13: 9784805311295)
Tuttle Publishing
review 1: One of the best I read so far! Japan has a very unique culture and a complex history and with this book you understand how their culture works overall. It doesn't go for profound details but you do learn about everything in a level that is deep enough to make you understand how Japan works. The pictures are great and it's very well written. Learned a lot in a very fun way! It focus more in Tokyo and in goes for a first approach to Japan. Solid 4 :)
review 2: I got this book as a present and I love it to bits. It's a no-nonsense great first look at Japan and its popular culture, with many pictures and short texts - it's a bit like a manga and each chapter is broken down into 2 page sections, so you can read it on the go as well.Garcia apparently has a blog and t
... morehis book is a collection of his thoughts. He lives in Japan and he likes the place and its people. He is very open-minded and interested and that comes through in this book.Rather than many other books I've read, it's focused on popular culture, though not just manga and anime, but on a broader scope, including j-pop and enka and doramas (TV series). None of these topics are covered in detail, but he gives you an idea about them. I've been listening to j-pop and watching doramas, but there were still a few new thoughts and some new info for me to gain.This is a book I'd recommend for anyone who wants a brief introduction to Japan, best before going for the first time. It's not a travel guide or a guide to Japanese culture per se, but it's a great read and touches upon a great variety of Japanese culture. less
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A breezy introduction to the culture and history of Japan. Best as a supplement to actual content.
Easy to read format and writing, liked the pictures. I great overview of Japanese culture.
A quick, light tour of Japanese history and culture. Just enough to get your toes wet.
I great book to start out with when planning a trip to Japan.
Good consise guide to the intricacies of Japan.
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