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The Life And Times Of Call The Midwife: The Official Companion To Season One And Two (2012)

by Heidi Thomas(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Fabulous! The stories of the midwives and nuns working in early 1950's England in a poor, post-war environment. I was told about this book previously, and had it on my to-read list, when I discovered the series on PBS. It was the beginning of the second season when I was reminded of the book. (Actually 3 books) While I love the t.v. series, and set it to record weekly, the book has so much more depth. A wonderful insight into historical nursing and recent history, itself. Hard to believe conditions have changed SO MUCH in such a brief time, with advances in medicine. The description of living conditions & everyday life and hardships are real & gritty; a little "Charles Dickens" feel at times. A great perspective of what it was to be a woman in the early 1950's and prior. S... moreo thankful for medical advances! The characters are well written and very endearing. The book goes well beyond a medical book. The stories bring you to ponder situations that you might normally judge and dismiss, in a different light. The union of the nuns, the nurses, and the poor, salt-of-the-earth people bring forth a series of compassion-filled stories. Set at the turn of medical history (Antibiotics, pain relief for labor, and medical assistance for the delivery of babies are all just beginning in this series.) A great read for those interested in the medical field or who love historical pieces. I will be reading the whole series!
review 2: This is a fantastic companion to the television series. It gives insight into the historical background of the show and to the real life people who inspired the characters. I was most interested to learn about England's National Health Service which had just begun at the time the show takes place. It seems so wonderful that everyone, no matter how poor, has access to health care. I also enjoyed learning about the wonderful work done by midwives and nuns in the poorest areas of the country. less
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This book was way too graphic. Love the TV show but hated the book.
Not as good as the PBS series but glad I read it
Love the back story of the show.
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