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Why Him? Why Her?: Understanding Your Personality Type And Finding The Perfect Match (2009)

by Helen Fisher(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 4
0805082921 (ISBN13: 9780805082920)
Henry Holt and Co.
review 1: Very interesting although at times repetitive.I gotta say according to the test featured in the book I'm supposed to be a Negotiator but I find myself behaving in ways which would be categorized as Director.Seems like my "Temperament" and my "Personality" are in conflict. I wish the author could have analyzed how our past experiences in our childhood and adolescence have influenced our "character". But I fear I'm asking for too much.Overall, I really gobbled it up. The vocabulary is simple and the way the book is organized is clear and easy to follow.Would have been best without all the repetitions but I gotta say that's a book to lend, at least even if you have trouble with the content, it can lead to very interesting conversations.
review 2: Currently reading
... more Helen Fisher, WHY HIM? WHY HER? (2009). Found her book at the library. I’ve read most of it and I’m identifying myself as an Explorer:You seek adventures of the mind and senses. You are very curious and creative, and you are willing to take some risks to pursue your interests. Adaptable and optimistic, you can be easily bored when you’re not doing something interesting. You have a lot of energy, and you tend to be spontaneous or even impulsive.You are more creative than other personality types and usually have a wide variety of interests. You find it easy to focus intently on what interests you, and your enthusiasm promotes motivation and a drive to achieve. You can be very generous to family and friends [when I’m feeling included and accepted], and you’ve always got something going on.As an Explorer, you look out not in; you are foremost interested in the world around you. So you are attracted to a mate who is also intellectually and physically adventurous and interested in dissecting this complex, tangible universe. You particularly like imaginative and theoretical people, a “mind mate.” And you like a partner who is sexual, because you regard sex as an important aspect of a relationship. You have nerves of steel and thrive on the edge. You are also decisive and direct. So you are unconsciously drawn to those who can balance out your highly independent and tough-minded spirit—those who are novelty seeking, yet compassionate, verbal, intuitive, trusting, flexible and emotionally expressive.Dr. Fisher finds that Explorers can make do with other personality types, but they kick into high gear with other Explorers. This helps explain why you find me attractive at the same time that I drive you mad at other times. This also helps explain why we are excellent working partners but that we so easily disappoint each other when it comes to family and money and entertaining friends. . . . less
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Good data, not enough info about secondary traits and their matching types.
quite insightful book about internet dating .
Interesting ideas presented.
An extraordinary book!
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