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進撃の巨人 悔いなき選択 (2) [Shingeki No Kyojin: Kuinaki Sentaku 2] (2014)

by Hikaru Suruga(Favorite Author)
4.53 of 5 Votes: 4
406377046X (ISBN13: 9784063770469)
Attack on Titan: No Regrets
review 1: Since I like Levi, I had fun with this two-part side story. I really enjoyed seeing Zoe as well (my other favorite character). Apparently she and Levi have gotten along well (cough) since the beginning. Sparks aplenty.It was interesting to see Isabel getting caught up in the military's ideals. Furlan and Levi seemed shocked by this. As for those two, they were more easily convinced to stay on task and try to get the incriminating papers from Erwin, something they failed at, figuring he must have them on his person.Unfortunately they are all forced outside the walls on a mission before the friends can find those papers. Furlan is naturally distressed. he had planned to get them and get his reward before he had to risk his life. Isabel, as mentioned before, seems to look fo... morerward to the chance to fight.Erwin is already using his smoke signal communication system but things go awry when a massive storm crops up obscuring everything. Levi makes a critical decision to go after Erwin alone while leaving Isabel and Furlan in the safety of the group.You can imagine how well this works with a title like 'no regrets' and the fact certain characters have never been seen in the main story.This is a worthy addition to the series. The art does preserve the original's intent but it a bit prettier (not hard to do). In addition there is a great interview with Isayama and Suruga. I knew Levi was small but I didn't expect him to be only 5'2". There are two other fun side stories in this, one dedicated to Levi's OCD clean fetish (oh dear god) and another to his tea fetish (I can get behind this one).
review 2: First review: 7/14Updated review 9/14Revised review: 11/14This review doesn't have spoilers. (I'm editing it on my phone) I already read this one online back in July, so I didn't really check constantly about when it comes out in physical form. (Idek why)Anyways, I just saw it in Barnes & Nobles and may I just say my feels now(?) WOW THE COVER WOW it's so beautiful, ugh the red, the pose, the Levi I can't even. And so then I just like stared at it for 20 mins in the manga section (as I do)This is THE LAST volume i'm so sad because I love this spin off so much. I thought this had a really good delivery of the story without coming to distant from the original manga series. Levi is one of my favorite characters, and just the general idea of this story makes me so happy. This one is on the heart jerking side of emotions though. I was crying on the floor for quite some time for various reasons. Sure this review may not be as long as the other one, but it's slightly more organized I hope. I was a bit torn for the reasons that:A) This particular one is overB) *blocked out bcz spoilers*C) *MORE SPOILERS THAT I CANNOT MENTION ARG*Overall, yes please read this spin off thank you and goodnight/morning. (It's 12:00 so it's late and early???) less
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It hurt so much to read this one. Soo much.
It ended to quickly!!
Still very awesome.
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