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There Goes The Bride (2011)

by Holly McQueen(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 1
0099545764 (ISBN13: 9780099545767)
Arrow Books
review 1: Polly has decided not to marry Dev, just a month before the wedding. Her sister, Bella, is struggling with the fact that she cannot have a child despite the fact that her boyfriend is a total jerk. Her best friend Grace is married to a jerk and she is attracted to a super rich guy who happens to be her husband's boss. No one knows why Polly has called off the wedding, but there is a twist and a long lost secret that is revealed at the end of the book. Cute, not particularly compelling and a much too tidy ending.
review 2: I liked the description of the plot more than the actual book. It certainly wasn't what I was expecting. Instead of being about Polly calling off her wedding, it was about her sister Bella and her friend Grace and their problems. Problems
... morebeing mainly the men in their lives that they don't seem to do anything about. I found it frustrating. Also, for 400 pages, not that much really happened. At least, it felt that way and I found the ending a bit unsatisfying. less
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Adorable, Heartfelt, and meaningful, this is a cute, sweet, easy read for the summer months
Laugh out loud funny. Lovely perspective shifts. Great great great.
Fun light reading. Hard to put down.
brilliant!, really really funny
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