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The Dreams In The Witch House (2000)

by H.P. Lovecraft(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Well, I am continuing my exploration of Lovecraft, as suggested by my son, who is a big fan. This was a very disturbing story, as most of his seem to be. I certainly could sense the building terror of the main protagonist as the story moved toward its terrifying finish. The author paints very vivid pictures of fear in a most unusual way. You really just have to read his stories to understand what I mean.
review 2: This one was a little slow. At times I got lost among the surreality. I don't know if I'm using that word right. But I would come back to it and wonder what the hell had happened while I was gone and I've have to back read. Still a well crafted story, creepy as always, and no Cthulhu, though the "ancient" is mentioned as is the Necronomicon. As all bu
... moret one other story of Lovecraft's I've read has some reference to the great old ones, I find it refreshing when the squiggly eyed horror is missing. Also easier to read than a lot of his other stories. Another strange thing: there is hardly any dialog at all. I remember I put off reading Lovecraft because Stephen King had pointed out how horrible his dialog was. Interesting to read a story that reads like a verbal tale - as if someone is telling you the story. I'm always afraid that Lovecraft stories aren't stories... but I believe that is what he wanted us to think All I know, is that if I find the Necronomicon, I'm not reading any of it out loud. Not even inside my head. less
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This is a great book to read if you want something short, quick, and truly terrifying
Entertaining but nowhere near the best Lovecraft has to offer.
Too long.
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