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Flashback (2011)

by Ian Hocking(Favorite Author)
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Writer as a Stranger
The Saskia Brandt Series
review 1: As with the first book in the series, the story is complex and switches through time, it has time travel as a core so that's not surprising. Very well researched as expected, but this detail gets in the way of the story not too much, I like detail, but it can become annoying. Then there are jumps to the next section which could do with more character interaction. If you haven't read the first you will feel lost not because of plot links but because the background isn't clear.
review 2: I won an ebook of this book from a giveaway on another website.I delved into this book without reading Déjà Vu, though my friend let me read the summary from the third book in the series that she won.It was a quick read, seeing that I managed to finish it within one day. I e
... morenjoyed the characters, particularly Saskia and Jem, immensely. Each one was carefully crafted and full of dimension. The relationship between Saskia and Jem tugged at my heart a bit and kinda wish to see more of their interactions. The mystery within the plot was interesting as well.The only two drawbacks for me were its non-linearity and lack of translations for phrases spoken in other languages. Now, I don't mind non-linear stories but with the way the book started off like this, it was quite easy for me to get confused and lost, causing me to look back a couple of times. Conversations in German and Spanish were thrown about and I was completely lost as to their meanings as there are neither a translation provided right after or even context clues to allow the reader to figure them out.However, in spite of this, I would be interested in going back to read Déjà Vu just to read more about Saskia and then continue with The Amber Rooms.If I could, I would rate this a 3.5/5 but I have rounded up. less
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Great story just really complicated (again). Need a break before I can read book 3!
A bit confusing, but that's the nature of time travel I guess.
Very, very different but good.
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