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Nevada (2013)

by Imogen Binnie(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 5
0983242232 (ISBN13: 9780983242239)
Topside Press
review 1: Maybe it's because my friends and I are all screwed-up trans 20-somethings fluent in queer theory, sarcasm, and self-loathing, who wish we could smash capitalism and patriarchy but also don't really know how to be humans, but Maria is honestly the most relatable protagonist I have ever come across in fiction. This book is amazing and my only real complaint is that I finished it and now what do I do.
review 2: Read it in a day and a half, loved the fast-paced, Michelle Tea-esque style of her writing. Could have gone w/o the transguy bashing particularly bc despite being a transguy, I found many of her descriptions of being trans in the world to really resonate with me. And I don't know how I felt about the turn at the end, I enjoyed the New York stuff better, bu
... moret I'm so fucking grateful this book exists. less
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This is the most funny and political, thoughtful fiction book I've read thus far
this book is wonderful! maria's voice is nothing you've listened to before.
3.5 stars, really.
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