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Ordinary Angels (2011)

by India Drummond(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 5
Trindlemoss Publishing
review 1: I'll be honest. I don't like paranormal romance, and I think it's a tired, overworked genre. I only read this because India's a friend, and I wanted to see what she'd been writing.To my surprise, I actually enjoyed it. It wasn't just a typical story about swooning over not-as-evil-as-they're-made-out-to-be vampires or my-love-can-heal-his-eternal-pain ghosts. It was funny, original, and well written, with characters who were amusing and witty. Yes, it's definitely in the "chick lit" category, as are most of these books, but I still found myself smiling and it passed a pleasant couple of hours. If you like the genre, or you're looking for a gift for someone who does, then do check this one out.
review 2: The beginning writing style started out silted, and a litt
... morele strange. And either it stopped a third of the way through, or I quit noticing it. This was cheesy in the beginning including some insta-love, but I really enjoyed the heroine and the Angel hierarchy. The cover and summary made it seem like a fantasy Meg Cabot book, but it was not YA (heroine was in her 20s) and the subject matter was deeper than you see in those. less
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This was a great book. Different than anything I have read. I loved the humor. Very enthralling
Another predictable, supernatural romance.Fun to read though.
Read this on my cruise - enjoyed it very much!
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