Kim France

Kim France former editor of Lucky Magazine and author of Girls of a Certain Age. Based in New York.

After 10 years at the head of Lucky, Kim decided to use her fashion and writing skills to start a blog for her friends called Girls of a Certain Age which she defined brilliantly as:

Girls of a Certain Age wanted to be Tatum O’Neal in Bad News Bears. Or Brooke Shields in Endless Love. They read every word of Go Ask Alice and believed it. They wept to Carol King, rocked out to Blondie, and made out with their boyfriends to Led Zeppelin II (Kim France on Girls of a Certain Age).

You will see on the blog that Kim does a lot of shopping in New York, as well as a lot of window shopping when she walks her dogs: Sammy and the new guy. Kim is kind enough to define key looks on the blog and identify a range of options for achieving it from the plethora of NY store options.

I would describe her look as the NYC version of the cool French girls such as Emmanuelle Alt and Suzanne Koller. It is a little messier and freer than Emmanuelles’, but lots of clean looks, cool boots, patterns and stripes.

I really recommend reading Kim’s blog, I found her a couple of years ago when she was praising the Emerson Fry Caftan, which of course I bought immediately and I felt part of her ‘caftan’ group of readers which was lots of fun. This event happened to be one of the key inspirations for starting Charlotte Lucie Dresses. So a BIG THANK YOU KIM!!

Images from: Bitch Media, Exposed Zippers, Fashion Week Daily, Girls of a Certain Age, New York Magazine, New York Times, The Every Girl & Tumblr.

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