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The Condor (2013)

by Isa K.(Favorite Author)
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Isa K.
review 1: 3.5 STARSI think the author wanted this to read more like a conversation with the reader.  It begins that way and loses point somewhere not too far in. It makes an appearance occasionally and then becomes a little heavier at the end.  The characters are really the only reason I continued with this book. It's a bit long, very little sex and the weirdest type of romance.  It's just a very strange read.
review 2: Bleakly realistic foray into the world of rentboys, pimps and sleaze. Harry (not his real name) is the madam of a small gay escort agency, the story is told from his ironic perspective. Think of Harry as the Condor (ie. vulture) of the title and you will grasp the core of this story. Trawling the streets and bars for likely prospects, he meets Danny
... more (not his real name) and soon leads this young and impressionable lad into debauchery - I kid you not, he literally leads him into it. Harry soon has his doubts as to the wisdom of turning Danny into a rentboy (because supposedly he is a bit more principled than other pimps) but he is busy breaking up with his long term boyfriend Liam and dealing with a stalkerish admirer Logan who wants to avail himself of Harry's bdsm skills. When Harry finally twigs to the fact that Danny is actually whoring himself because he has a serious crush on Harry the damage to Danny is pretty much done. Harry rides to the rescue, acknowledging that Danny's feelings are reciprocated. This denouement is signalled by Harry having to actually use Danny's real, ie. not-whore, name. Harry remains Harry, and that pretty much says it all. This was an emotionally intense but distancing book and of course that just reveals how very skilled this writer is. Nevertheless, call me a sentimental sap if you like but I could not forgive Harry for Danny's fate, however short lived it was, thus Harry remains, for me at least, a vile vulture. I rated this four stars on the quality of the writing alone. less
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3.75 stars-liked the writing, didn't always like the characters-LOVED Logan!
★★★★½ - Great, would highly recommend.
Really good...keeps you guessing
Oh my, what a ride!
Nom nom...
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