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Truth And Humility (2012)

by J.A. Dennam(Favorite Author)
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J. A. Dennam
review 1: Until I got 3/4 of the wY through this book I really liked it. The family feud angle was engaging and kept me interested. If the author had stuck with that, it would have gotten 4 stars from me. Then the author decided to make it a mystery more than halfway into the book. The story then "jumped the shark" to a plot that was far-fetched and unbelievable. I really wish that hadn't happened since I was really enjoying the book up until that point.
review 2: I read this on my Nook in regular e-book format not kindle. Reading further is SPOILER CONTENT....I enjoyed the book, great story line. Wish there wasn't the loss of a secondary character, who I enjoyed just as much as the main characters. It was emotional and sad and really wish he would have lived. I
... more feel the book would have been just as great without the death and possibly he could have had his own book next. less
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Story line very weird don't know if I will continue with e rest of the series
absolutely loved this book!!
3,5 stars
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