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Duck And Cover (2009)

by Jackie Urbanovic(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 2
0061214442 (ISBN13: 9780061214448)
review 1: I really enjoyed reading the book Duck and Cover and how it focuses on the actually hiding an alligator lol. I read this book today to my students and they really enjoyed it, because I asked them questions about where we could hide an alligator if we were to put him in the classroom. And they responded thoughtfully. Not only that, but this book can teach children about using their imagination, because these types of situations do not happen in real life. Also, this book speaks to the topic of thankfulness and truthfulness; both good qualities to have. It's a silly story, but a really great book!
review 2: 1. Rating: 42. A book review from Children's Literature says, "Max the duck, hero of Duck at the Door and Duck Soup, is at Irene's house playing with his anim
... moreal friends when Harold, a large alligator, arrives. He begs them to hide him from the zoo detectives, since he has mistakenly eaten someone's dog. Although the other animals fear his appetite, Max remembers when he needed help and asks Irene and the others to hide Harold. And so begins a series of absurd and unworkable suggestions, until the detective arrives. Irene says she hasn't seen the alligator, while the others manage to conceal him. Harold spends the night. The next day they try to fool the returning detective. But he tells them that Harold only ate a hot dog, not a pet dog. The zoo wants him back, to the relief of the others whom Harold's appetite has made a bit nervous. The farce-like actions have the quality of an elaborate cartoon, with side comments without speech balloons and above all the exaggerated gestures of the characters. Full-page scenes, in sequence, use only enough detail to carry the plot with comic interactions. The double-page assemblage of all the animals in homemade alligator costumes makes a fitting, amusing highlight."3. Harold, a large green alligator showed up at a young girl named, Irene’s, house. Everyone hid because he had big teeth except for Max, the duck because even though he was scared, he remembered what it was like to be in trouble and alone and he persuaded the other critters to help try to keep the zoo detective from finding the alligator. This would be a great one for second and third graders to pick up and get into! less
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Nephew's currently really into alligators and crocs, and this is adorable.
it was a very good book
Great illustrations!
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