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Duck Soup (2008)

by Jackie Urbanovic(Favorite Author)
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0061214418 (ISBN13: 9780061214417)
review 1: Audience: primaryGenre: Fantasy (talking animals)Golden Sower 2011 Primary HonorPre-reading strategy: A picture walkThis story really lends itself to making predictions through the very expressive illustrations. It has words in different text, colors and font on each page which lead the reader to thinking about what will happen next. Using a picture walk on the first pages, I would discuss the soup pot and what the steam represents. The next pages introduce the other characters and I would talk about the different "faces" the other animals are making about Max's (the main character, a duck) food. The next pages I would discuss what Max might be thinking for the next step in his soup. Then, we would predict what might happen as Max is going out the back door and his... more animal friends are coming in the front door. As the other animals appear to be sniffing the air, we would talk about where Max is and what might happen next. Over the next few pages, a fun discussion about what the animals think happened to Max and why the potatoes, onions and carrots are good representations of a head, eyes and feet. The page with a picture of a strainer would be a great teaching point for how that tool works in the kitchen. As the book comes to an end, the looks on the animals faces would be a great discussion for how they are feeling with what they have done with Max's soup. On the last page, we would talk about how the "problem" got solved and how Max is feeling about the new meal.
review 2: This story about a duck trying to cook the perfect soup is a great book to share with children of a young age. The cooking of the soup introduces many food names and cooking terms. The story shows throughout events in the book that friendship is more important than being the best at something. The fun pictures help explain the actions in the story with the different characters in the book. This is a cute story that can be used for many domains of learning or study units.Learning ExperienceLet younger children experience making a pretend soup. Provided fruits and vegetables and other fake foods for them to mix in to a large pot.Make this a fun sensory experience by doing this in the water play station allowing them to add cups of water and make different soups in their pots. less
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Cute, cute, cute! A laugh out loud and say oh no out loud kind of picture book. :D
Cute story about how those missing things from someone they think is gone.
Cute book from the 2X2 book list...Patrick liked it!
I love this book and my kids kind like it, too. LOL
Madelyn likes Max the Duck!
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