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Death By Marriage (2000)

by Jaden Skye(Favorite Author)
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Caribbean Murder
review 1: Look, normally I'm a Michael Connelly, Lee Child, David Baldacci, etc. kind of girl. I like a good mystery, and I know the top authors who always produce them. Skye isn't one of them and I discovered her by accident. I love her books. I've read three in her "Death by...:". Series. I've loved each one. Perhaps after a while I'll see she's fallen into a same-old, same-old pattern. So far her stories have kept me totally intrigued and I've read through them steadily not wanting to put them down. The mystery in the story always has a twist to it that the reader rarely sees coming, especially in Death by Marriage and Death by Divorce. Those who are grammarians or punctuation perfectionists may fault some of her editing. Personally, I don't care. Her stories have been ... moreworth the reading so far. I very much recommend this and the first two of Skye's series to anyone who wants a good mystery with settings in the islands in the Carribean. Enjoy.
review 2: This is the first book i have read by this author. When a well know criminal Lawyer is found dead in a back alley in St Thomas . His wife hires Cindy and Mattheus to clear her of the crime and to find out who really killed her husband. As they look into his past they discover gambling debts , mistresses Vendettas. Most shocking is they discover he has a second wife and son he used an alternate identity. The question is do the wifes know about each other? Did one of them murder him? With the tropical storms bearing down they don,t have uch time to figure it out. The police say the wife did it case closed!But when another body turns up all involved realize the stakes are higher because the griefing widow is in jail. Cindy and Mattheus are developing feelings for each other, each grieving from the deaths of their spouses. Cindy realizes there is more at stake. less
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I love this series of short stories, not the best writing in the world but still worth a read
Great, easy read. Will read more in this series.
very good
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