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Something In The Wine (2012)

by Jae(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 4
3955330052 (ISBN13: 9783955330057)
Ylva Publishing
The Moonstone Series
review 1: Romantic drama and/or comedy is not my style - not normally - but I shall admit to a certain weak spot for author Jae and her world(s).No spoilers here: the two main characters have depth; the story - while not wholly original - is handled very well, with humour and grace. Any romantic story that can make me laugh is worth the price of admission.Congratulations, Ms. Jae; very well done indeed. A star off for one or two annoyances with the third tier characters, but otherwise all is well.A suggestion, tho: set the next in Europe. Just for a change :)
review 2: Hovering between three and three point five stars. Maybe I wasn't in the mood for a romance when I read this one. This is not like Jae's other novels. No crime scenes, no wagon trains, no Wrasa. But tha
... moret's not a bad thing. Something in the Wine starts with a ridiculous premise but provides a sweet, slow paced romance between two engaging characters. In the latest of her brother's pranks, Annie is set up on a blind date with his old college friend, Drew. The prank being that Drew is a lesbian and Annie is not. Both Drew and Annie have been the victim of many of his practical jokes and decide to turn the tables on him and pretend to fall in love. Silly premise ... but it works. :) There's a slow development of the relationship between the women and no instantaneous "you're my soulmate" moments and it was nice to see Annie's awkwardness with Drew in early on. There were a few things that irked me in the book but overall a good read. If you like romance - definitely pick it up. If you like Jae - you probably have already read it. :) less
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Very good. I had a really great time reading this story.
Quick read. Engaging. Read in one night
A cute page-turner.
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