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Cabernet Und Liebe (2014)

by Jae(Favorite Author)
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Ylva Verlag
The Moonstone Series
review 1: Shy, reserved, slightly nerdy Annie is always the brunt of her brother's practical jokes. But when he set her up with a friend, allowing her to believe that the friend is male when his friend is actually a lesbian, he's gone too far. She plots with her brother's friend, Drew, on how they can get revenge on Annie's brother by pretending to be together. But after a few weeks, it doesn't really feel like they're pretending that much.I really enjoyed this book. Although the middle got to be a little tedious, I liked that Annie didn't fall for Drew right away. There was a lot of exploring and growing on Annie's part, which I thought was more realistic. And I *loved* the character of Drew. Altogether a good read.
review 2: This book was truly amazing and heart
... more warming. On different levels I connected with both Annie and Drew. The fear of jumping into a relationship and having feelings for someone you can't or won't admit/explain to yourself or others. The fear of judgment, of finally believing that someone loves you for who you are. I was very proud of both of them towards the end but especially Annie. It takes a person with a lot of guts to stand up for themselves and say how they feel. Reading this book was a joy and I hope to read more from this author. less
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What can I say?! Jae's the queen of the romance novel. This is no exception.
One of the most intriguing stories I've read in long time!
i thought the book was great :)
loved it!
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