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Haunted Savannah: America's Most Spectral City (2013)

by James Caskey(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 5
Subtext Publishing
review 1: I love a good ghost story. This book is a collection of ghost stories from around Savannah, which themselves aren't really very scary, mostly being of the "waiters claim to hear footsteps from unoccupied floors of the building" variety. The real standout feature is the author's attention to historical detail. For each location, he starts off with the local legends associated with the building/haunting, then delves into which parts of those stories are true and which are total fabrications based on his research. He states explicitly in the forward that this book was written for tour guides to finally get their facts straight, dammit, and his clear aggravation with tour guides that just make shit up and perpetuate obviously untrue stories is pretty amusing. Anyway, the combi... morenation of well-researched Savannah history and eyewitness ghost stories (no matter how tame they might be) makes this a fun little read.
review 2: My wife and I visited Savannah for our honeymoon and took several "ghost tours". After reading this book I realized that A) I wish I'd taken Mr. Caskey's tour, B) much of what some of the ghost tours told us was, in fact, bunk, and C) I wish I'd read this BEFORE visiting the city. The amount of research and dedication that was put into this book lifts it above a mere "paranormal" book. Not all of Savannah's hauntings are of the literal kind. Haunted Savannah is an excellent read that only whets my appetite to return to that dusky jewel of a city. less
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Extremely well researched, easy read, well written, historical, excellent
Delightful book, but just go visit Savannah yourself.
loved it love savannah my fave place to visit
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