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Cloak (2011)

by James Gough(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 2
WiDo Publishing
review 1: I thought this was an interesting story, and I liked the main character, Will. He's kind of a loveable, awkward, funny geek. The concept was cool, although maybe not totally original. The middle was too slow in some parts, but then it picked up pace, and caught my interest from then on. I downloaded this for free on Kindle because I was bored and I thought it'd be a fun, easy read. It's definitely meant for a younger audience (although I still enjoyed it), I'd recommend it for ages 12-14.
review 2: Fantasy is not one of my mainstay genres; however, based on recommendations I acquired this book in Kindle format and read it on my HP TouchPad. This book sucked me in and did not let go. The young protagonist strikes out for a day of adventure and changes his life
... more. The author does a good job of backing up the fantasy with historical references that make it not only plausible(in a fantasy world), but enjoyable. The boy, his protectors, and his new friends are all characters that are enjoyable and compel you to keep reading. This book is light reading without many plot twists, but it is past-paced, descriptive, entertaining, and left me wanting a sequel! less
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Fantastic storyline, description really brings characters to life. Would make an amazing film.
YA but very imaginative! A surprisingly fun read
I absolutely love it!
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