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The Explorer (2013)

by James Smythe(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 5
0062229419 (ISBN13: 9780062229410)
Harper Voyager
The Anomaly Quartet
review 1: I was eager to get acquainted with the young author so I grabbed The Explorer. When I started reading it, I couldn't swipe off away from me the parallel with Arthur C.Clarke and his idea somewhat circled around. It concerned the solitude in space, though far enough, not resembling even the original idea. It was the beginning. It interested me. As the plot progressed I was involved. By the time "the second me/the original me" appeared I was curious. Closer to the end I was really fed up with Elena and memories of her. By the end of the book everything was higgledy-piggledy. In a hurry? Frankly speaking, I expected more of the book, but I got what there had been. No more no less. That's why it was OK (**)
review 2: This is a sci-fi novel with a plot that moves ri
... moreght along toward its weird ending. A certain amount of the plot was seemingly inspired by the movie "Grounghog Day" but for me that was enough of a teaser to see how it would all work out in the end. There are a few real science bloopers that make you think the author is less than knowledgeable than he might have been - a good knowledgeable editor might have helped. For instance they have to stop the ship to go outside - this is not necessary since the people and the ship all have the same velocity. So - not the greatest sci-fi I've ever read but still worth a read with some interesting ideas. less
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This book seems to be about a sense of nihilistic boredom and nails that sentiment precisely.
Well-plotted thriller but the conclusion was rather a let down.
So glad I'm done. Full review to come.
Awesome SF. Not a dull minute.
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