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Edge, Episode One: Season One (Edge, Serial Book 1) (2000)

by Jamie Magee(Favorite Author)
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review 1: A biker novel with a paranormal mix.... couldn’t be more excited to get into this! But dang it! I couldn’t be more confused and lost even after reading the entire book. The story itself is so confusing... Rebecca is a witch or Queen of darkness by the dead and the only female member of the Pentacle Sons MC... She the president of the MC’s old lady and that is how everybody thinks her part is on the club... Anyway, it might just be me, but since I struggled to understand what the heck is going on, then the book ended cause this has only 78 pages! I might wait for all the book to come out before I continue reading this series. The ending sure did capture my interest.
review 2: Book Review:I received this book from Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock a
... mores well as its author Jamie Magee. This first book in the New No Last Ride Series is sadly short but captivates nonetheless. I finished book in just a few hours after downoading it to my kindle. Main character Reveca Beauregard is the leader of a biker gang called the Pentacle Sons MC. The Pentacle Sons are the most lethal biker gang to exist. They are lethal in more ways than anyone can guess and they owe that to Reveca whom they dubbed The Pentacle Daughter. Reveca has power and bestowed certain members of her gang with a chance of second life. Something is coming though and Revecas past is getting caught in the crosshairs. Especially her first love who she never quite forgot. Revecas character can be related to in regards to her human emotions she still has. She hasn't forgotten her first love. Many women will be able to identify with this and become more enhanced with the storyline. She doesn't quite get along with her sister and yet family is family. She has close people who rely on her that are her best friend's who she cares deeply for. I really wanted more story and background on Reveca. There was some puncuation mistakes but other than that I really enjoyed reading this story and look forward to reading the rest of the series when released. Based on content I would rate 18+. I am giving this book 4 Fangs.. less
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I just can't stop reading Jamie's books.
I love this serial. I can't get enough!
Free on Amazon as of 12/25/14!
fucking brilliant
not my cuppa tea
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