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I Want To Show You More (2013)

by Jamie Quatro(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 4
080212075X (ISBN13: 9780802120755)
Grove Press
review 1: I swear, looking at aaaaaaall the glowing praise blurbed all over this book, I kept thinking, DID WE READ THE SAME WORDS. I just...I did not get this book. A few of the stories were good, but nothing spectacular, and most of them were just fucking weird. Not like, cool surreal weird, but just weird. I felt like author was trying way too hard to Say Something and really wasn't saying shit, and wanted to be Mysterious and Deep but instead was just lost in the pseudo-enigmatic maze inside her own navel. Most of the characters were completely flat and uninteresting, and in short stories, since you don't have as much time to develop plots and story arcs, you MUST have interesting characters. Didn't happen here. Oh well, at least I got the 'Q' done for my A-to-Z reading challen... morege...
review 2: I thought this collection was far better than Wells Towers's Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned but somehow this one was less hailed. Granted it's a finalist for the LA Times Book Awards and a NYT's notable book but EREB was more acclaimed. This collection is a good blend of the figurative and literal and many of the early stories hit hard. Some of the subject matter is repetitive with more than a couple stories dealing with infidelity, running, or religion. What the author does with these subject matters feels new each time. less
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I really liked the author's writing style, but some of the stories were really weird.
Stellar and deals with sexual desire in compelling, literary ways.
Still trying to catch my breath.
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