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Black Silk (2009)

by Jan Gordon(Favorite Author)
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Jan Gordon
review 1: I think that if you're going to write a book, you should make sure the facts are accurate. For some reason the fact that the author kept focusing on Cole's eyes when he changed and getting it wrong made me mad. If you're going to write a book about a were-panther then at least get the characteristics right. Large cats don't have the slit pupil, it's actually circular like a humans. Soooo that's awkward. Other than that, the characters didn't develop, like at all.. I just didn't see the point of this book.
review 2: I liked it. It was good, thrilling, exciting and a bit mysterious as well. Basically I liked the main idea of the were-panther,the mates for life,the book store, alone girl, little town and all the little and big things in the story. So yeah the ide
... morea was brilliat. The story was written well but frankly talking it could have been made even more better. Overall, I liked the place it took me, even if it was just for a little time. Cole and Vic would DEFINITELY stay with me forever. Oh and Mister too. ;) :D x less
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One of my first paranormal books. Loved the basic but captivating story. Easy, fun read.
Only have one of her books. I enjoyed reading it.
Cheesy and very cliche ...
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