New Book Review: Red Dirt by Anna Jarzab

I received this galley at BEA. Jarzab was paired with Jennifer Armentrout at Harlequin and I was lucky to meet both authors. Jarzab was super nice. I have not heard of her before, but she does have multiverse series entitled, Many-Worlds. I will probably check these books out after I make it through the rest of my TBR shelf.

Sammy has just graduated from high school. She doesn’t have any prospects for the future. She has accepted that she will probably follow in the footsteps of her family before her, growing old, having a bunch of kids, and eventually dying on her small plot of land in Oklahoma. Sammy’s father is an outcast and has been written off by many of his exes and Sammy’s older brother, Denver. Her father used to be a criminal, but he has straightened himself out and wants to keep custody of Sammy’s younger half-sister, Decca. Just before an important custody hearing, Sammy’s father goes missing. She fears the worst and begins investigating his disappearance. In order to find the truth and get justice for her family, Sammy may need to circumvent the law and go up against the scariest family in town. Along the way, Sammy meets and has a lusty relationship with rich boy Brayton. In a world where everyone lies and no one can be trusted, will Sammy be able to fully open herself up to this new relationship.

This book was what I expected from a Harlequin novel. There were many steamy romance scenes, but the characters will appeal to teens and new adults. The story wasn’t over-the-top interesting and was muddled with giant stories, which could have been better integrated. Overall though, I did enjoy the mystery and can see myself giving this to someone looking for a quick romance novel.


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