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The House Of Closed Doors (2012)

by Jane Steen(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 3
Aspidistra Press
review 1: Story about a young woman in the 1800's who is forced to live according to rules set about by her step-father, because she is a woman. After finding that she is pregnant she is forced to live at the poor farm and work as a sweamstress (something she is very good at) waiting for the arrival of her child, that she will be forced to give up, once it is weaned. While there a body of a young woman and her baby are found. She wants justice for the young woman and her child and begins to search for the truth behind this body being found.
review 2: Set in the Middle West, not too far out of Chicago (though not yet connected by rail), Nell Lillington's story as an unwed, pregnant 17-year-old in the merchant class of society, begins. The narrative voice is very strong he
... morere, and consistent throughout. The historical detail woven into the story adds to its realism without ever being oppressive or unnecessary. The writing style and formatting is strong and very well done. The entire novel, from the beginning to the ending acknowledgments feels quite professional and thorough. It does not display any of the grammatical pitfalls and errors that so much of the self-publishing world is riddled with. The murderous plot and villain certainly are horrifyingly grim, but the book is well balanced with plenty of uplifting and positive characters (there are a lot of strong female characters here!). The murder mystery does not dominate the novel, and it really is Nell's coming to independence and her personal journey that is the focus here - she is such a likable character that I am already looking forward to the sequel! less
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Really enjoyed this book but the ending sucked!!! It seems unfinished really.
Nell is a selfish spoiled brat.
Nice little historical mystery.
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