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Night Of The Living Thread (2014)

by Janet Bolin(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 1
0425267997 (ISBN13: 9780425267998)
Threadville Mystery
review 1: Night Of The Living Thread is the fourth book in the A Threadville Mystery series.The folks of Threadville are looking forward to the wedding of Edna Battersby to Gord, the Halloween crafts fair, and maybe not so much, A zombie retreat. One evening Willow is out walking her dogs and hears Isis, who is town for the crafts fair, calling Gord's name and uttering a vow to join him in the afterlife and then issuing a curse on Edna. This naturally disturbs Willow as she is good friend with Edna and Gord, in addition Isis is staying with Edna for the fair and is concerned for Edna's safety. Then Willow's mother calls to let her know that Brianna Shevedale, daughter of an important financial backer of Willow's mother, will be arriving soon and she has told Brianna that she can ... moreuse Willow's as a base while she gets her thread business off the ground. The last thing Willow needs right now is a house quest while she and some of the other shop owners are busy putting the finishing touches on a gag bridal skirt for Edna. Later that night Willow hears the scream of a lady scream "don't push me", when she goes to see what the problem is, the skirt is gone and she sees it floating in the river. Rescue workers recovery it and Isis has been drowned. Isis has alienated almost everyone she has come into contact with. And if Brianna doesn't mend he ways, Willow might put her out of the picture too.Most of the main character of this fun series are back once again. The one thing that does seem to be running smoothly for Willow, is her relationship with Clay.Another enjoyable visit to Threadville and am looking forward to the next.
review 2: Threadville and Halloween are a perfect combination. Willow and her friends are getting ready for the Halloween craft fair and Edna's wedding. Everything seems normal as Willow is out walking her dogs, but she comes upon Isis, craft fair presenter, putting things in the lake and mumbling curses on Edna and Gord. This does not seem right to Willow and when Isis turns up later murdered, Willow must race against, a horrible house guest, a zombie retreat, an obnoxious mystery author, and a detective determined to pin the murder on Edna. As usual Janet Bolin gets you hooked from the very first page and keeps you guessing right until the end. I love the humor in these books and I am truly a Threadville fan. Anxiously awaiting the next book. less
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A very fun read. Loved it. Too cute! This series always makes me smile :)
Not the best in the series but a good read.
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