There’s No Justice in the Justice System in Despicable Deadpool 292

by Taylor Anderson

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

If you’ve ever listened to the podcast Serial or watched the Netflix series the Making a Murderer, you are more than aware of the failings of the American justice system. In the case of these two series, innocent people were sent to jail for dubious reasons, but that is far from being the only reason why the justice system should be looked at with a wary eye. There are too many points to raise about this issue here, but suffice it to say, the justice system lacks…well, justice. Not only is this true in our world, but also in the world of Marvel comics, as Deadpool learns when he pays a visit to his old nemesis, Stevil Rogers.

Wade Wilson is still on the case for Stryfe, who is holding his family hostage. Deadpool commits a few murders for Stryfe even if he would rather not, and so he needs to take some time off. To get away from it all, Wade visits Stevil Rogers — the Captain America who was a Hydra agent — in prison. There, he talks about how much he hates Stevil, and in some regards, is surprised to find him alive and well in prison.

Wade is shocked to learn that Stevil has no plans to incriminate himself, despite the fact that he’s obviously very guilty of a great number of horrible crimes. However, as he puts it, Stevil isn’t guilty because technically he was acting within the powers given to him by the government. Who’s to say if that argument will actually hold up in court, but it sounds reminiscent of something a politician would say in real life to get off from being jailed for corruption or some other such charge.

That Deadpool is shocked by this is charming in its own way. Wade is by no means an innocent man and you would think he wouldn’t be shocked that the government and the justice system can be circumvented or manipulated in a way that lets the guilty off scot-free. Either that shows that Wade still has a shred of goodness in him after all the horrible things he’s done, or it shows that there isn’t a single shred of goodness left in the government.

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